Traditional and New Media in Class Action Notice: The State of Play

The following is a guest blog post by Shannon Wheatman of Kinsella Media.

As the Internet is increasingly used for communication,…

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Disappearing Cases

The following is a guest post by F. Paul Bland, Jr., a Senior Attorney for Public Justice.

This probably won’t shock…

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Unhappily Musing on the “News”

It always amazes me how editors of newspapers can mold public opinion merely by the wording of headline and the…

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Republicans Block Another Obama Nominee, Consumers Suffer Another Blow

On Thursday, Dec. 8, in a 53 to 45 vote, Senate Republicans blocked the nomination of Richard Cordray as the…

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Guest Post by AAJ Pres. Gary Paul: U.S. Chamber’s Hypocrisy Exposed

The following is a guest post written by President of the American Association for Justice, Gary Paul.

Every October the U.S.…

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Thinking About Taxes

Let’s get one thing straight: I would love to have public school teachers, fire departments, police departments, national defense, research,…

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Strict Construction My Eye: Supreme Court Blows by Seventh Amendment

On June 20, 2011, the United States Supreme Court took another sledgehammer to the right to a jury trial guaranteed…

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Dukes Watch: Lively Debate in Supreme Court Oral Argument

The much anticipated oral argument in Dukes v. Wal-Mart — the biggest gender discrimination case in history — was held…

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On Public Pensions

Unless you have been unconscious for the past month, you know that the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, who –…

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